Why Global

If you ask people what they think of when they hear the word 'contractor', you probably will get some pretty negative reactions. Global Construction and Contracting has set out to change this and the results, well, they speak for themselves. Our high rates of retention and repeat customers are seldom seen and are the envy of our industry.


Our staff is trained to put the customer first. Your satisfaction will always takes primacy over our company profits. We put tremendous efforts on keeping you informed and involved throughout so that we can see the project through to a successful completion, together


A construction venture in the Tri-state area can be a pricey undertaking. That is why we work hard towards keeping costs manageable while not sacrificing on quality. We will diligently walk you through the potential costs in order to ensure the avoidance of unforeseen charges that can hurt your carefully planned project. We will work within your budget to achieve your desired goals


Our many years in the construction industry has taught us the value of a quality job. Skimping on quality might seem economical in the short term but will generally ends up causing anguish down the road. Our jobs are done with the highest levels of professionalism and we exclusively work with sub-contractors who have consistently shown this level of excellence in the past


Punctuality is a virtue in any walk of life but especially so in construction. The most carefully- laid plans can go to ruins because a contractor did not come through on his time-related promises. Global Construction knows this and our team will not overpromise what is impossible or under deliver on our commitments


Dealing with government agencies is a necessary, if not burdensome aspect of actualizing a project successfully. Global Construction and Contracting is licensed by all necessary government and quasi-government agencies and has the imperative experience of navigating an often cumbersome bureaucracy.


Construction can be risky business. Whether dealing with property damage or a potential injury claim, you never want to be left without ironclad protection. We have spared no cost in obtaining the best available insurance coverage so that you can sleep well at night knowing that you are well protected. Our rock-solid insurance coverage also provides our clients with the additional benefit of lowering their own insurance costs.

Combine A GLOBAL perspective with a local appeal!







The Global TEAM

Joseph Silberman

CEO & President


Berel Lison

Buyer & Bid Captain


Yumi Porgesz

Office Manager


Mark Klein



Shea Seidenfeld

Site Manager


Yanky Friedlander

Site Manager


Moshe Weiss

Site Manager


Duvid Nueman

Site Manager


Moshe Appel

Site Manager


Shaindy Weingarten

Legal Department


I highly recommend using Joseph and his staff for your next project. Our Assisted Living facility was in need of serious rehab. Because of the nature of our business, the work had to be done delicately so that our patients aren't affected. I can't say enough good things about the amazing & CAREFUL job Global Construction did. Five stars!

Sam Gutmen

I generally stick to a policy of not giving testimonials as I am afraid that someone might hold me responsible if something goes wrong. However, I am making an exception for Global because I trust Joseph and I am certain that any job he accepts will be done as promised and he will not rest until the client is satisfied. I highly recommend Global to anyone in need of a job well done!

Mordy Getz – CEO of Transition Acquisitions

I think that the best endorsement I can give to Global Construction is showing off the beautiful jobs they have done for me. One of the first comments I always get from visitors or new tenants is "whoa, who built this?". Joseph and his team have truly raised the bar on what to expect from a contractor.

Joe Landua

I am an owner of real estate for well over 40 years. I now rely on Global Construction having been through and seen it all including contractor horror stories.  Global supply quality work at a fair price without nonsense. By do so they have kept me as one of their customers all these years. I highly recommend them.

Ken Rosenblum

I can say so much about Global but I think I should let the facts speak for themselves. Most people have negative feelings towards their builder after a large project but in my case, we have kept on going back to Global for our subsequent construction jobs. That tells you more than anything I can say with mere words. Thanks Joseph!

Michael Tessler